Indian interior design has become quite popular these days. From interesting to exotic and complex styles of decor, you can work with almost anything. If we believe the latest reports, then India is uniquely positioned to provide design help and solutions across the world. And if you’re wondering the reason behind it, then we promise you’ve come to the right post. Keep reading the article to find out how India is making a difference with its history, culture, and variants. 

Bright colors

Unlike most homes abroad, Indian interior designers stick to bright colors. They love to go crazy with textures, designs, and styles and make sure there’s a sense of visual chaos in all that they’re putting out. They prefer going for rich browns, burnt oranges, ochre yellows for the floors and walls. For pillowcases, chairs, and furniture, there are different colors too. A nice bicolor theme will also highlight the accents. 

Cabinets are well decorated

Traditional Indian homes and cabinets make wonderful combinations of aesthetics and functionality. The top interior designers always use ivory, metal, stones, and mirrors for storage purposes. Along with that, they use solid wood pieces to highlight the mood of the spaces and give it a natural yet elegant appearance. 

Paintings and artwork

Another reason why India is uniquely positioned to provide global interior design solutions is that its paintings and artworks are simply outstanding. Whether it’s the Madhubani paintings, the Rajasthani paintings or the paintings of Tanjore, India has a beautiful variety of styles. Apart from that, they have statues of camels, turtles, Buddha, terracotta and metal figures that can be used as accent pieces as well. 

Have the best set of designers

India also has the best set of interior design services coming up real soon. India already owns some of the biggest interior decor and design companies you will not find elsewhere. Design Qube, for example, consists of a team of architects that manage landscape architecture, project management, civil construction, etc. They are based in Jaipur, Bangalore, Coimbatore, and Chennai. 

Knick knacks

Since India boasts of having the best variety of artifacts and handicrafts, the best interior designer companies have also used them to decorate their home. Popular choices include puppets, boxes made of sandalwood, marble or metal, clay pottery. You may also be able to use pots and brass lamps like functional metallic accents. 

Homes have been upgraded

When it comes to apartment living, top Indian designers tend to pick gardens and a splash of greenery. A nice balcony garden can lead to easy-maintenance, better indoor plants such as ferns, lilies, succulents, etc. Indians also prefer to basil, curry leaves, green chilli and coriander in their garden. Some also prefer to make it the centerpiece for your coffee table.

Choose a unique style of design

It is quite easy to get hold of home decor inspiration and it is even easier to get carried away by all of them. One of the most common problem in most homes in India as well as abroad is that there are many styles and they are all quite inconsistent. That is why it is so much better to have a unique style of design. Indian interior designers are quite good at helping out.