The modern farmhouse came as a trend in 2020 and is going to be around subsequently for some future time. The modern farmhouse is known for maintaining a fresh look while still embracing natural elements and celebrating the beauty of imperfections at all times with its blend of traditional as well as contemporary styles. Let us know the six important factors that makes a perfect modern farmhouse.

  • An outdoor essence

Not exactly biophilia, but the main approach is to instill the characteristics of the natural environment into the indoors. Nature is indeed the art of God. We can find many exemplary things for the principles of color theory in natural world itself. The analogous colors of a tulip and lupine flowers, the complimentary colors of dahlia and blue-violet crocus, the triadic colors of a butterfly, the monochromatic color combination of foliage and trunk of a tree and so on. Just pick and opt for colors, textures, and parts that may work together. We can introduce timber tones with personalized beams, floating timber cabinets in our kitchen, and a timber variety hood. The timber factors in the house make the spaces warm and inviting, that is so vital for comfort and convenience. 

  • A neutral color palette

A neutral color palette brings the calm into the interiors with a distinct palette of neutral tints; features like texture, form, and form will become even extra important letting the splendor of every piece in a room genuinely have its moment. And all in all there is no time restriction on how long those areas can remain, because neutrals are (quite a good deal through definition) undying and enduring for a very long period.

  • Minimalism

Minimal contemporary design is what makes a farmhouse a typical modern farmhouse that is different from the good old classic farmhouse with a rustic look. The principal mantra of minimalism is simplicity thru and thru. Keep it spare, tone decor down and stay through a “much less is more” approach. Think clean, contemporary lines, a good finish, a concise color palette, and pared down silhouettes, but don’t shrink back from growing a layered, warm, rich, and alluring minimalist household with a gallery-like putting from room to room as this is, after all, an area of consolation and refuge.

  • “The modern farmhouse architecture”

The farmhouse style should be just as pertinent when looking at the exterior as it is in the interior. Modern farmhouse buildings use; timber/stone cladding, entry porches., cross hipped roof structures, other external touches to consider are industrial elements, such as metal light fixtures. Below are the pinoy and contemporary style modern farmhouses designed by the team of Raj architects, who are one of the best architects with the finest approach to modern farmhouse as well as other architectural projects. 

  • Materials

Amalgamating the contemporary materials with weathered finishes adds that farmhouse essence and warmth that is needed to be attained. Raw woods, exposed brickwork and leathers and tiles do the job. A salient feature while developing a modern farmhouse is the texture/finish, hence pair neutrals with wood, linens, and mid-century fashion reclaimed or textured wooden furniture. We can also go for the uncluttered Scandinavian decor which is similar to modern farmhouse style with its minimalist look, usage of natural materials, simple woodworks for the openings, black/grey accents and soft-shaped furniture. So go for some Scandinavian touches for the unique spaces that bring out the best out of every architectural aspect.

  • Large open spaces

 Open spaces outside and inside the modern farmhouse are of paramount importance. People often desire such properties as they provide space for various activities. Courtyards have been the main points of attraction in homes since ancient times to provide optimal lighting and ventilation. Modern architecture has improved the concept of central courtyards to optimize space and add an aesthetic touch to the space. By placing more walls that open to the outside, it allows for better cross ventilation and natural light entering a space. Curating custom courtyards in homes makes the space appear larger and more inviting.

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The Six Pillars of a Great Modern Farmhouse Design
The modern farmhouse came as a trend in 2020 and is going to be around subsequently for some future time.
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