When it comes to designing a hotel, multiple things must be taken into consideration. But if we had to speak about the top 7, here’s what they include: people, identity, services, content, identity, and channel. Right from the central story to the components that are interconnected, one has to include all these elements and work closely with top architects and the best interior designers to produce excellent results. On that note, let’s take a look at the 7 best components of designing hotel concepts. 


The first thing that must be taken into consideration when it comes to designing a hotel framework is the people. This includes your employees, partners, guests, investors, and anyone who visits the hotel. In several hotel concepts, architects consider people as core components. The more people you hire and work with, the more they will feel connected to your story. A good hotel is one that resonates with the people and shares a unique story of their own. It should also ensure the health and well-being of the people and take their safety into consideration. 


The space is also an essential component that majorly relates to the whole physical look of the hotel. It also includes zone, customer flow, along with interior design as well. Good hotel space is one that plans the hotel space well because spacing impacts the entire customer experience. Various spaces also have various purposes and need placing, whether it is a quiet library or one that is located next to a hotel bar or even a restaurant. Refining the customer will also allow customers to circulate between various zones. The zoning should definitely consider the flow of the house and understand social and cultural norms whenever it comes to designing any space. 


The third component one must consider is the services. Services can literally make or break the 1st impression. While you won’t need top interior designers or the best architects to do this, you will definitely need to take help from the service industry to sort this out. This also includes housekeeping, wifi, spa, parlors, lobbies, and lounges for guest interaction. One should also take a look into the hotel industry and see what service trends are working. In short, the idea should be to build an excellent signature service that expresses the hotel story wonderfully!


Now, this is something you should certainly not miss out on. Make sure to figure out the identity element of your hotel. For this, you will need to hire top interior designers who can tell you a lot more about this. From the concept of the hotel to the visual identity it must have, they can definitely sort out a lot of your worries. Always remember that visual identities play a crucial role in constructing identities. You need to make sure the name of the hotel and the identity you have matches the hotel story. Make sure you avoid cliches such as service scenes or maybe stock images to get inspiration. 


The right content is highly crucial when it comes to building a new hotel. While they come in various forms, we advise that you start podcast series about traveling or even documentaries that will showcase your entire hotel and region. Great content will help you show many sides of your story. It also educates your audience, improves the reputation of your brand, and creates a fine impression. 


The last and most crucial point you should look into is a channel. Channels are a valuable framework that encompasses digital channels as well as activities from the real world. From the booking page to this year’s party themes, your channel should represent all the marketing touchpoints between your guest and you. You should also pay close attention to your social media accounts and booking platforms. Ensure that the service here is smooth and easy so that you are able to establish a healthy relationship with the customer and look good.

So that was a look at the 7 various components one must include when it comes to designing a hotel. What are your thoughts on the same? Do share them with us in the comments. 

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The 7 Components Of Designing a Hotel Concept
So that was a look at the 7 various components one must include when it comes to designing a hotel. What are your thoughts on the same? Do share them with us in the comments. 
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