Having a studio apartment can often be a challenge. Here, you are expected to transform one room into a bedroom, kitchen, living room and a lot more. And doing so can be difficult because most of the times studio apartments tend to look cluttered, dense and very small. That’s why we have bought together some really simple tips and decor ideas that will make your home stylish and beautiful and definitely turn your small home into a lovely palace. 

Keep your bed in the middle of the house

In order to keep your small studio apartment design elegant, you can have the bed situated in the middle of the room so that everyone can see. By creating a division between the sleeping area and the other spaces like curtains, bookcases and folding screens, you will definitely be able to highlight the bed area. Also, make sure you are investing in a nice looking bed that is spacious and comfortable. Top it off with a fine mattress from IKEA, perfect bedsheets and pillows. 

Get rid of all the clutter

One way in which you can keep your studio clean and fresh is by dealing with the clutter first. This also includes traditional clutter along with visual clutter. This includes piles of magazines and books or other appliances such as chairs and books that are kept around the table. Keeping all the clutter away and organizing them in one spot can certainly add more charm and life to your home. 

Have an accent wall

Having an accent wall within a small studio is definitely a wonderful way to create more visual interest and pique curiosity among visitors. An abstract and bold wallpaper, for example, will define the bedroom space. It will also serve a great piece of art and give your home some definition and color. 

Use the corners carefully

Every corner of your studio apartment can be used to create something beautiful and special. Top Interior designers and stylists also recommend small apartment owners to use corners especially to create a nice seating area where you can use a small amount of space to create and build your own dining spot. Banquettes can be a wonderful option to add in your seating area so that you can use a small space to create your own dining spot. 

Go big on the mirrors

You can always go big on mirrors in a studio apartment as it always enhances space and gives your house a larger and complete appearance. Reflective surfaces also have the tendency of looking larger than they actually area so you can use it to your advantage and use fine, clean and beautiful ones to give your home a classy appearance. 

Don’t miss out on the wall shelves

Wall shelves are a wonderful way to define those areas in your house that need some love. They also create great storage spaces, come in several sizes and can help you create a lovely wall shelf arrangement that is placed right above or near the sofa. A simple wall shelf is a wonderful way to decorate your home if you don’t have enough space elsewhere and would like to have some entryway furniture at the front door. 

Great color palettes

The best interior designers will always tell you to paint your wall in lighter colors to make sure your space is big and open. Darker shades can also be a great idea. One can create an airy and aesthetic look while the other one can create a nice sleep-inducing area. Even though both the ideas are different, they are certainly easy to follow and can work wonders in terms of interior design. 

Create curves

Interior designers almost everywhere will tell you to create curves in order to create an impressive visual treat. You can invest in a nice coffee table, get a hold of a nightstand or even a beautiful and modern dining area that takes up less space and looks modern at the same time. 

Get hold of double-duty furniture

A final tip that will definitely turn things around for you is getting hold of double-duty furniture. Not only are they big lifesavers but also save a lot of space at the same time. For example, benches can serve as a storage area and as a seating spot at the same time.