Interior Design Trends: You may travel around the world to explore every nook and corner of it. You may have been to many exotic locations to spend your leisure time. But your heart always says, “The Ultimate Destination is your Home to find Solace and Peace”. It’s the time to make or renovate your abode timeless to live in harmony.

Trends in architectural design always keep changing. So, now let us have a look at some of  the refreshing interior design trending tips to stay new and updated.  Ranging from colors, materials, fabrics, designs and more, take the expert advice from the world interior design community.


The colors you choose for the walls and decor will completely change the look and mood of the house. The impact of a few colors may soothe your mind. Some of the best suggested are:    

Natural Neutrals and Soft Pastels

Neutral colors such as beige, gray, light tones of blue, Greige, undertones of gold, charcoal shades of gray, etc., makes your interior design for living room more chic and stylish. Wall colors of soft pastels like quartz pinks, lavender, shades of blue, aqua greens, etc., when mixed with vibrant color decor add a signature statement for your bedroom interior design.   

Gracious Green and Earth Colors

Darker shades of green and earth tones go hand-in-hand to make a classic eco-balance look for your home interiors. Select any color from lime green to emerald green for your walls and interiors to revitalize your senses. Go back-to-nature with earthy tones of powdery pinks, rust, sand, yellow ochre, raw umber, burnt sienna, terracotta, etc. These colors are amazingly versatile and are becoming more and more popular.


Natural Materials as cork, marble, wood, clay, terracotta are few of the best interior design materials which would completely remodel your ambience of the house.

Satin Brass and Copper Finish

Get an absolute finished look for your cabinet hardware with warm metals like satin brass, copper, and rose gold coated materials. Brass and copper fixtures for doors, kitchen, and bath cabinets are the mostly opted metals by the property owners for their affordable price tag. They look quite elegant and add immense value to your home aesthetics and are predicted to be on trend for the entire year of 2017.  


Cork is best known for its stylish look and durability. It’s been well applied in interior designs of 2017 as it has got many environmental benefits. Apart from wall coverings and flooring, architects and interior designers are suggesting their clients for cork furniture and upholstery.  It’s the time to switch to this incredibly green product as it’s highly renewable, water-resistant, and fire retardant.  

Design Styles

When it comes to decorate and design your home, so far many interior design styles such as contemporary, modern, Scandinavian, minimalistic etc., have been defined to create an exceptionally clean and peaceful home.

Eco-Friendly Interior Design

Design detail matters the most. Go for green interiors to improve your health and living style. The eco-friendly interior designs make an apt fusion of nature and technology to enhance indoor air quality. Replace the regular concrete construction materials with ecological materials to experience the benefits of it. Low-maintenance, cost-effectiveness, fresh air quality, energy efficiency, methodical waste management, are a few of the distinct features of eco-style interior designs.


A perfect design concept with planned interiors will make an absolute reflection of your tastes and style. In this blog, we have come up with a few recommendations to help you stand out from others.

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