Gone are the days when people used eggshell-coloured walls or fluorescent lights in their offices. Now it’s about improving employee productivity and well-being. Not just that, the inclusion of hybrid work has massively changed how companies understand their office spaces. While the workspaces still have enough footfall, it is more consistent now than it was in the pandemic. Hence, it has become a necessity to try modern office designs and features. On that note, take a look at some modern designs you can try to implement in your office in 2024.

Ergonomic Furniture

If you’ve ever been uncomfortable while sitting on a chair, chances are your office is using old furniture. Not only is it difficult to be productive but also affects your employee’s mental health. That’s why it’s important to offer furniture that helps employees stay productive and fit in a way that they dont develop injuries like sore backs or strains in the long run. Some examples of ergonomic furniture are standing mats, chair balls, adjustable-height desks, bike chairs, etc.

Nice Longe Spaces

Break rooms were boring once upon a time, but now the story is quite different. With modern designs coming into the picture, more and more coworkers are interested in working in big and comfortable couches. Lounge spaces as well as rec rooms do feel counterproductive. They are also an excellent way to build morale and release some tension after a long and hectic day at work.

Color psychology

Also, add a bit of color psychology into the picture. There are a few colors that can help employees kickstart their creativity and get into the zone of working. Some colors that we highly recommend are green and blue because they are very calming whereas ignite or orange because they symbolize passion, etc. Always remember that the number of hours someone spends working in an office represents their mood and productivity as well.

Biophilic Features

A little bit of greenery is also recommended for your office space. You can try green walls, real plant decorations, waterfalls and fountains, color schemes that emphasize earthy tones, textures that focus on the natural feeling, etc.

Sustainable furniture

You can also create an impact at your workplace by using sustainable furniture. Some of the best examples here include LED lighting, reusable plates and coffee cups, recycled content, etc. Interior designs across Hyderabad suggest that creating this will impact your designs positively in the long run.

Smart wallcoverings

Nice wallcoverings can help you create a more modern corporate office look. They can liven up the room, create good focal points, add some character to the space, and change the tone of the whole room. Even some antique pieces of art or murals can help you create a more elegant and classy look that goes well in office spaces.

Creating a homely environment

The best interior designers recommend you create a homely environment at your office, and that is easily possible if you choose to redesign a few elements like mirrors, curtains, floor lamps, mirrors, rugs, artwork, coffee tables, etc. While these are subtle changes, adding a bit of flooring, lounge chairs, and sofas can add more warmth to your workspace and leave employees feeling more relaxed.

What do top designers recommend?

Top interior designers also recommend the usage of modern amenities in order to repurpose vacant buildings and floor plates. Some have also suggested a fitness center that will reduce stress and help people socialize. Even meditation programs and yoga classes can be introduced for the same. You can include daycare, a dining hall, a relaxation room, a game room, and a printing center.


Well, times are changing, and old office designs are no more a thing. Modern office workers these days dont want just another look. They want something that represents their unique style. Modern office designs suggested by us above can help you achieve all of that and more if you’re willing to put in some extra work and effort.

So which office design did you like the most? Let us know in the comments. Also, do you need some modern office design help? Then get in touch with the best interior designers in Hyderabad today.