Wondering what the best interior design trends are in 2022? Here are some if the best looks suggested by the best interior designers in India and across the world! Take a look. 

  • Biophilic Design

After spending two years at home in a pandemic, interior design firms have come up with new ideas to revamp and redesign your home. One of the most popular ones is called biophilic design which lays emphasis on building a more calm environment using ventilation, natural lighting, and the incorporation of plants. 

  • Bold Patterns & Colours

2022 is witnessing a massive change almost everywhere. The importance of bold colors has also grown recently. People love different shades of green and various patterns that introduce exciting new elements. 

  • Traditional Details 

This year is also about the resurgence of tradition. People love a sense of timelessness and comfort. Hence, antique pieces, flanged furniture, and pattern mixing is also becoming highly popular.

  • 3D Art

Most interior designing companies have suggested that 3D art has become increasingly popular these days. More and more people look forward to adding intrigue to their lives by spending more time in their homes. Any kind of art that pops up right off the wall could be configured in several years. 

  • Sustainability

Sustainability has also become a massive issue for everyone. Hence a lot of interior designers are invested in building homes that have a touch of sustainability and can improve the health of our ecosystem in the long run. The good part is there are plenty of options to choose from. 

  • Mindfulness

Another trend that has emerged these days is mindfulness. People are all about improving their well-being and emotions. Hence, we will have spaces that will match our personal ties, and personalities in order to match our pleasures, hobbies, and interests. 

  • 1970s decor

Seventies colors and decor has become a trend once again! These days people are more obsessed with mustard, sage, terracotta, and more furniture trademarks like cabinets, tables, peg legs, wood tones, fabrics that are well-textured, etc. 

  • Homework rooms

Who knew this one would gain so much popularity? These days parents love to give their children the best. Hence, a proper design and homework space is very important. The rooms are well-equipped with smart boards, wifi, and several outlets that allow plug-in.

  • Back To Basics

Simplicity is also winning the world right now. Simple English sofas, wingbacks, and dining tables that come in antique styles are also gaining immense popularity. We are also going to see a lot of natural materials popular again this season. Marble, mohair, linens are real wood feel more organic too.

  • Multifunctional Spaces

Yes, this is also a trend people absolutely love. Everyone enjoys a few multifunctional spaces these days. Hence, making your living room a part of your office could also prove itself useful.

  • Curved Furnishings

White oak furnishings with curves are also a trend. They bring a soft, wavy, and fresh feeling. They also have curved corners, cabinets as well as curved sofas, arched cabinets, dining chairs, etc. 

  • Lasting Styles

People are moving away from the style of use and throw-away style and are moving towards something that is more personal, lasting, unique, and beautiful as well. They are looking to improve your lifestyle as well.

  • Being outdoorsy

Outdoor living spaces are being further enhanced these days. People are keener on intentionall-designed. They don’t sacrifice on style and are willing to build more entertaining spaces within their homes. 

  • Colorful window treatments

In the year 2022, we have also witnessed a lot of exciting patterns, and colors, especially those that are within window treatments. They all play a key role in designing the room’s jewelry which can make a big impact.

  • Peri

Very peri is also known as the color of the year. Violet-red with a bold blue undertone, you could also expect the shades will show from door to furniture. It also shows a joyous attitude, dynamic presence, and courageous creativity.

  • Nature Inspired

Homes are also nature-inspired these days! They add a lot of greenery to your home with warm browns and natural wood. It also adds a sense of joy and fulfillment.

  • Global inspired homes

Globally inspired homes are very unique and have a combination of class and beauty as it explores different cultures around the world, all at the same time. Even the top interior designers could argue that this is the best!

  • Colorful curtains

Colorful curtains are wanted by the best interior designers. They are known to increase a lot of these and are known to be a classic!

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Interior Design Trends 2022: 18 Top Looks from Experts
Wondering what the best interior design trends are in 2022? Here are some if the best looks suggested by the best interior designers in India and across the world! Take a look. 
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