Everybody has a dream house and wishes to build a home just as they want it. But, it is a huge commitment and a great investment to build a lavish home or a villa. Not only do you need to work out the design and hire the best architects, but also invest time and think it all through. And taking on a great project like this isn’t something you can do every day. So, before you put your foot down and kick off the construction, it is best to consider a few things. Just to fast track your journey to your dream home, we’ve got them all listed right here.

  1. Picking the right location is the first step
    Whether you are building a home for your retirement or staying with your family, location can make a huge difference. Making your house away from the city while you spend most of your week working in the city may not be wise. As you would either have to travel a lot or barely get to live in the house during the week. Similarly, you should also consider the proximity to other facilities and neighbourhoods. Don’t forget to check out amenities like supermarkets, hospitals, schools etc. in close vicinity.  Also, do consider If they are too far off from your location, is it really worth it?
  2. Plan your finances and set a budget
    A common mistake most people make when building a home is underestimating the expenses or being unrealistic about the budget. Building a villa is an expensive affair and would certainly make a dent in your wallet. So, before you make any plans or hire an architect, work out a budget. If necessary consult a professional to understand your financials and how much you need. Most importantly, always keep a buffer for miscellaneous and unforeseeable expenses.
  3. Understanding the size and floor plan
    Despite how smart our brain is, our sense of space and direction is often skewed. And so, it isn’t uncommon to be confused and miscalculate the size of the rooms. Apart from the overall size of your villa, you should be cautious with the size of the rooms and areas. If needed, pull a measuring tape and measure your current room to get a sense of the area. This would help you visualise and correctly estimate the needs and layout. Have a sit down with your designer to plan the layout for the rooms and how you want it to be.
  4. Be mindful of the direction and location of the rooms
    When designing a house from scratch, you have a big advantage to decide what goes where. But at the same time, it adds on the responsibility to pick the right direction. Consider aspects like ventilation, natural lighting, heat and more. If you like waking up to the morning sun and prefer a naturally lit living room, then put those rooms on the right side. But also account for the weather, if you have extreme summers, you might want to add a tree or UV reflective glasses. Similarly, if you want a backyard garden or a pool in the house, where does it go? Discuss these with your architects and brainstorm an effective design.
  5. Thinking about style, material and spaces
    Another important design decision you need to make is about the style of your house. Are you looking for something traditional and exquisite or something futuristic and modern? How many levels do you want in your villa and where do all the extra design elements go? Do you want an open garage or a covered pool or a lush green lawn?
    All these design elements must blend with your style statement and budget. And accordingly, affect your choice of picking the right architect for the project. Not every top architect specialises in every design. 

Once you have made these decisions, it is time to get to the drawing board and chart out the design. Just a tip, try adding flexible and adaptable open space that you can easily modify for your changing needs. taking on another renovation project would be too expensive and unnecessary. Hopefully, these key tips can help you design the best villa you want for yourself and your family.

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Factors to Keep in Mind For Best Modern Villa Design
Everybody has a dream house and wishes to build a home just as they want it. But, it is a huge commitment and a great investment to build a lavish home or a villa.
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