People love going on vacations and travelling to new places for work and leisure. And while they are away from home, hotels are the closest thing they look for a home. Today, travellers don’t just look at hotels as simple rooms to stay in. Rather, they have transformed into a place to relax and have new experiences.  So, as architects, your job isn’t just to offer luxury and comfort but to narrate that story and curate the experience. There are some key elements to modern hotel design and architecture that contribute to this. Let’s check them out and get ready to create an amazing experience for the guests.

  1. Blending with the location and vibe

One of the essential design decisions you need to make about the hotel is choosing the theme. And it is also the part where designers make mistakes. When designing a hotel, you need to find the right balance between the vibe of the location and the image associated with the hotel’s brand. The hotel should blend right into the weather, surroundings and vibe of the place. Be it in the colours, decor or interiors, get the right mix. Like the hotels near the beach would be more spacious, airy and relaxing. While the ones in commercial space will be more uptight and sophisticated.

  1. Speak the language of the brand

The hospitality industry is driven mostly by the reputation and the story a brand relates to. Be it in terms of the design, services, cuisines, culture and whatnot. For example, the Taj hotels stand true to their narration of exquisite Indian themes and a royal aesthetic. On the other hand chains like Four Seasons, Ginger and Sarovar focus more on a western and corporate storyline. So, your guests expect the hotel to continue the heritage the brand represents.

  1. Bringing in the modern comforts and luxury

The hospitality industry is evolving quickly and adapting to modern facilities and equipment. Fast and lavish elevators, luxurious spas, fancy decor, adaptive temperature control etc. are becoming popular. So, based on what your customers need and how you wish to make their experience, pay attention to such amenities. Bring in the modern aspects of technology and solutions that enhance and make the stay for the guests pleasant.

  1. Flexible spaces in the hotels

Hotels and resorts are more than just accommodation for people nowadays. You might often find hotels hosting business events, parties, private occasions and various other celebrations. And so, to be versatile and suit various demands of their customers, the design should be flexible. Being the best architects on the hotel’s design team, you should focus on function and appeal equally. Create various spaces like clubs, resizeable banquets, spacious lounges and business rooms within the hotel. Also, the rooms can include easy to move and foldable furniture, giving more space for the guests. This gives hotel staff the freedom to make small changes when needed for their guests’ special requests.

  1. Interior designing and landscaping hold a special place

Now coming to the most important one of them all, the appealing interiors and welcoming ambience. The hotel’s interior decor and the landscaping form the first impression for the guests and you want that to be perfect. Studies show that the first impression can help shape the perception and, in turn, the overall experience of something. So, get top architects on your team and work out the interiors that suit best the hotel’s image. Pay close attention to details, as every little thing matters in the customer’s eyes. Grab the attention of the guests with appealing designs and a comfortable ambience. For the landscape, blend aspects from the surroundings and leverage that to boost your view. Adding well-maintained landscape elements like trees, gardens and ornate decorations, can all add to leave your guests mesmerised.

Whenever you are designing a hotel, be particular about setting a balance between usability and classy design. Also, the quality and materials you use for the construction speak largely about the hotel’s image. So, hire an architect team that you can rely on and bring in the best of your skills in the design. After all, in the hospitality industry, it is all about looks and experiences.

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Complete Guide to Hotel Architecture and Design
Whenever you are designing a hotel, be particular about setting a balance between usability and classy design. Also, the quality and materials you use for the construction speak largely about the hotel’s image.
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