An average person is someone who spends at least 1/3rd of their life within an office space. Hence it is extremely important to invest in a proper commercial building design that not only creates modern spaces but also protects the well-being of the employees. It also optimizes workplaces in the right way. Some of the things it also considers are workplace wellness, sustainable roofing, collaborative spaces, etc these days in order to meet the various needs of offices. Not only does it improve creativity but also employee productivity, innovation, and creativity. On that note, take a look at some of the common trends in modern architecture. 

Sustainable Architecture

This is a common design that most architects are picking up and from what we understand, it is going to stay here for quite some time. Many professionals these days have become quite concerned about the impact it has on the design of the room throughout its lifecycle. This also means that you should use durable and waste-reducing stuff that will remove waste from the landfills. It is also valuable that professionals pick all the reputable and qualified roofers who use sustainable materials that are of high quality. If you hire an architect, they will be able to build a rooftop that maintains industry standards with the help of materials that are eco-friendly.


Knowing that most of the employees are keen on having a proper workplace that offers wellness programs, architecture that keeps wellness is highly being considered. A lot of the latest trends in building commercial designs are being considered. An example is sound control insulation which helps create a workplace that is very serene and calm. Not just that, having a proper building standard can help with commercial design towards supporting the well-being and health of people. It also rewards companies that are able to achieve a holistic design by prioritizing healthy water, air, light, and comfort.

Collaborative Spaces

Commercial building designs are those that help professionals create an environment that is open, and inviting and also allows you to freely interact with people while building a cohesive community. The best architects have consistently been working towards designing more collaborative elements like open areas that have natural lighting, casual seating, insulation as well as inviting materials. Not just that, collaborative furniture happens to be a popular choice. It comes with pods that allow private meetings, desks, power outlets, and lighting that is used in team meetings. 

Natural Lighting

Several commercial buildings across the world are looking for ways to reduce the consumption of energy and one of the best ways to reduce this is by taking the help of natural lighting. So whenever you are using lighting, make sure your building consumes very less electricity which can also help you reduce those expensive energy bills. If you think it will not lead to any impact, you are very wrong in believing the same.

Using Bold Colours

Using bold colors is also an important trend that is majorly picking up these days. So instead of keeping it so safe, do take the chance to experiment with all the bold and fresh color palettes. While no limits come with this, you could also play with colors like lavender, orange, teal, yellow, red, etc. You could also definitely take this to the next level by throwing patterns or simply using colors to send messages. 

Try new art installations

Another thing that you can do is invest in brand new installations. The trend of doing so will definitely add to the visual appeal of the building. You can use a fancy entrance in commercial buildings. It will definitely give you a more stunning look. And what’s the best part? A lot of installations these days are also recyclable and they are made of materials like scrap materials paper and plastic which could be used to turn into sustainable projects at the same time. 

So that was a look at some of the common trends within commercial building designs that you can expect to see as you step into 2020. Workplace wellness, sustainable roofing, and collaborative workspaces also do an excellent job in protecting environments, boosting workplace efficiency, improving employee health. etc.

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Commercial Building Design - Trends in Modern Architecture
If you hire an architect, they will be able to build a rooftop that maintains industry standards with the help of materials that are eco-friendly.
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