The modern farmhouse style has gained tremendous popularity in recent years, blending traditional and contemporary design elements to create a comfortable and inviting home. Architects have played a significant role in this design trend, incorporating key elements to create beautiful and functional modern farmhouses. In this article, we’ll explore the top 10 architectural elements that the best architects use to create a modern farmhouse.

Simple and Clean Lines

One of the hallmarks of modern farmhouse design is its simple and clean lines. Architects achieve this by using minimal ornamentation, keeping shapes straightforward, and utilizing muted colors.

Open Floor Plans

Modern farmhouses typically have open floor plans that create a sense of spaciousness and fluidity between rooms. This style is perfect for family living, as it allows for easy communication and collaboration.

Large Windows

Natural light is a key feature of modern farmhouse design, and large windows are a must-have for any architect working in this style. Floor-to-ceiling windows let in plenty of sunlight, providing warmth and a connection to the outdoors.

Neutral Color Palette

Neutral colors are a staple of modern farmhouse design, creating a relaxed and inviting atmosphere. Architects may incorporate a variety of shades, including whites, beiges, grays, and even soft blues and greens.

Rustic Materials

Farmhouse design is rooted in the use of natural and rustic materials, such as wood, stone, and brick. Top architects will use these materials to add warmth, texture, and character to a modern farmhouse.

Farmhouse Sinks

The farmhouse sink is a classic feature of traditional farmhouse design, and it remains a popular element in modern farmhouses. Architects may choose to install a large, deep sink in a kitchen or laundry room to add functionality and charm.

Barn Doors

Barn doors are a unique architectural element that adds both style and functionality to a modern farmhouse. They can be used to divide spaces, such as a living room and a home office, while also adding rustic charm.

Shiplap Walls

Shiplap walls are a signature element of modern farmhouse design, adding texture and depth to a room. Architects may use shiplap to highlight a fireplace, create an accent wall, or even cover an entire room.

Metal Roofing

A metal roof is a durable and low-maintenance roofing option that is well-suited for a modern farmhouse. Architects may use metal roofing in a variety of colors and finishes to add visual interest and contrast.

Outdoor Living Spaces

Modern farmhouse design is all about connecting to the outdoors, and architects can create inviting outdoor living spaces that complement the style of the home. Features may include covered porches, outdoor kitchens, and fire pits.

How can architects help you build a nice farmhouse?

Selection & Orientation

Architects can help you with site selection and orientation, ensuring that the farmhouse is positioned in the best possible location to take advantage of natural light, views, and prevailing winds. They can help you choose building materials that are appropriate for the local climate and that will give the farmhouse the desired aesthetic.

Plan Aesthetics

Apart from that, they ensure that your farmhouse is both beautiful and functional. Architects have the expertise and experience to help you navigate the design and construction process, and to create a farmhouse that you’ll love for years to come.

Make A House Feel Like A Home

Architects can help you design outdoor living spaces, such as porches, patios, and gardens, that are seamlessly integrated with the indoor spaces of the farmhouse. This can create a sense of flow and continuity throughout the home and make it feel more spacious and welcoming.

Build Customized Homes

Architects can also help you with important technical aspects of the construction process. They can create detailed construction drawings that show the exact dimensions, materials, and finishes that will be used in the farmhouse. This can help ensure that the construction process goes smoothly and that the house meets your expectations.


Overall, the modern farmhouse style is a popular and timeless design trend that has been embraced by architects around the world. Best architects use a variety of key elements to creating functional and beautiful modern farmhouses, including clean lines, open floor plans, large windows, neutral color palettes, rustic materials, farmhouse sinks, barn doors, shiplap walls, metal roofing, and outdoor living spaces. By incorporating these elements, architects can create homes that are warm, inviting, and perfectly suited to modern family living.

10 Architectural Elements for a Modern Farmhouse
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10 Architectural Elements for a Modern Farmhouse
Overall, the modern farmhouse style is a popular and timeless design trend that has been embraced by architects around the world.
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